2020 Election Results

The Glastonbury DTC is proud to celebrate the re-election of our state and federal candidates, not to mention the historic election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to federal office. With the pandemic still wreaking havoc on public health, employment opportunities, housing, and more, we need our elected leaders to ensure our families and communities can recover. We look forward to working with our leaders in the days ahead to put our town, our state, and our country back on the right path.



The 2020 General Election provided us all with the opportunity to elect a great slate of Democrats to federal and state office, including:

  • President: Joe Biden

  • Vice President: Kamala Harris

  • US Congress (1st District): John Larson 

  • US Congress (2nd District): Joe Courtney

  • State Senate: Steve Cassano

  • State Representative (13th District): Jason Doucette

  • State Representative (31st District): Jill Barry

You can learn more about these candidates here. 


Though the 2020 election is over, 2021 provides us with the chance to reelect Democratic majorities to the Town Council and Board of Education. As we continue to wrestle with safely teaching our students during a global pandemic, provide affordable housing opportunities, protect small businesses, and ensure we address racial inequities in our local government, it is vitally important that we elect candidates committed to our shared values. 

We always welcome new volunteers interested in getting involved in local elections. Whether you would like to knock doors, make phone calls, write post cards, register voters, or learn more about our electoral process, we welcome your involvement. Please fill out the form below and we will be in touch.

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