Deb is the Majority Leader of the Town Council, where she works hard to deliver responsible budgets, an exceptional education system, and town services we all can rely on. 

A lifelong educator, Deb worked for two decades as a high school teacher. She’s now a bookseller at River Bend Books in Glastonbury, where she also runs a middle school book club.

Deb is passionate about ensuring Glastonbury is a great place to live and work for ALL of us, and she serves on the bipartisan Commission on Racial Justice and Equity. 

She and her husband Tom have lived in Glastonbury with their three sons since 2012.



Tom is the Chair of the Glastonbury Town Council, where he works to pass responsible budgets, protect our businesses and farms, and maintain our excellent school system

In the 1980s, Tom served two terms on the Board of Education and two terms as Vice Chair of the Town Council before retiring from public service. He returned to public office roughly 10 years ago.

Tom previously served as the CEO of a children’s social service agency, taught in the state university system for over 40 years, and was an academic author/editor focused on adolescence and mental health promotion. 

Currently, Tom is a gentleman farmer, bibliophile, and owns a book auction company that donates its profits to charity.



Mary is running for her third term on the Town Council, where she works to deliver responsible budgets, a quality education system, and town services that benefit everyone.


Professionally, Mary manages IT budgets and services, and she brings this experience to the Council. She also previously served on the Zoning Board of Appeals in another town. 

Mary and her family moved to Glastonbury more than a decade ago, and they are proud members of the First Church of Glastonbury.

A lifelong volunteer, Mary co-founded the Glastonbury Robotics and Engineering Club, and is a mentor to the high school robotics team. Mary is on the board of the Friends of Glastonbury Rowing, Inc. and serves on the Metropolitan District Commission.



Jake McChesney is a former prosecutor and is currently an Assistant Attorney General protecting the legal interests of public safety agencies & employees. Through his education and career, Jake has learned to respect diverse opinions, carefully analyze issues from multiple perspectives, and engage in thoughtful discussions on challenging topics.


Jake and his family set roots in Glastonbury for its excellent schools, open spaces and small-town feel. He firmly believes that maintaining these qualities while wisely managing town finances will ensure Glastonbury remains an excellent place to live, work, and raise a family.

Jake has served on Town Council for 3 years, and previously served on the Planning & Zoning Commission.  He is a loving husband and father of an active toddler and beautiful newborn.



Larry serves as the Vice Chairman of the Town Council, and has been a resident of Glastonbury for over 27 years with his wife, Nicole, and their two sons, Jack and Alex.

Previously, Larry served as Majority Leader of the Council, and on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Larry has over 30 years of municipal experience as an IT Specialist for the town of West Hartford. He has also spent numerous seasons coaching for Glastonbury Hartwell Soccer and Glastonbury Little League.

Throughout his time on the Town Council, Larry has made it his priority to deliver responsible budgets, quality education,   socially-conscious policies, and town services that benefit everyone. 



Jen Wang is a nonprofit program manager with over 15 years of experience at the intersection of sustainable economic development and public health. She serves as International Climate Associate Director at Health Care Without Harm.

Jen and her family settled in Glastonbury for our great schools, parks, farms, and restaurants. She’s proud of our school district’s commitment to balance in-person learning with public health. A lifelong volunteer, she serves on our nonpartisan Racial Justice and Equity Commission. 

Jen believes in the power of neighbors banding together to make communities safer, healthier, and more fun for all. She is concerned about serious challenges we face: safety, affordability, diversity, and sustainability, and she’s committed to addressing them all with open ears, an analytical eye, and a level head. 




Doug Foyle is the Chair of the Board of Education. A lifelong educator, he is currently the Government Department Chair and an Associate Professor at Wesleyan University. As Chair of the Board of Education, he led in developing a bipartisan consensus to fix the open classrooms at Naubuc, create the position of Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, to complete the GHS field house, and to expand the new technology-focused STEAM lab at the high school.



David Peniston is a proud member of the Board of Education where he strives to ensure our schools are a safe, inclusive, welcoming space for ALL our students. He has worked hard throughout the pandemic to balance the health and safety of our kids and staff with the responsibility of delivering the nationally-recognized education Glastonbury has come to expect. David also serves on the bipartisan Racial Justice and Equity Commission. It was through Dave’s leadership that has led to the construction of our new field house as well as the upcoming new STEAM lab. 




Susan has a proud record of service in Glastonbury, where she has previously served as Chairwoman of the Town Council and Board of Education. 

Susan believes strongly in responsible budgets and respectful discourse. She hopes to return to public service to provide the inclusive, thoughtful leadership Glastonbury deserves.