About the Glastonbury DTC 

Responsible Leadership for the Community We Love

As Glastonbury Democrats and active members of our community, we can be proud of the significant accomplishments in Glastonbury during the last decade. With the enthusiastic help of Glastonbury Democrats, the Riverfront Community Center and the Riverfront Park are now realities. On-going activities are enjoyed by all ages at the Riverfront Center and park.

Commercial development is part of the landscape while the preservation of precious open space and developing a walkable and appealing Town Center remain high priorities for Democrats and for our entire Town.

Glastonbury Democrats encourage every citizen to work cooperatively and to participate in every aspect of our community. Balanced participation, mutual respect, and equity for every citizen must be goals for a successful Town and Town Government. The Democratic team is willing to take an active role in creating a better town, state and country. We will work with YOU to make it happen.

All citizens—Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated—are welcome at our meetings and events. We look forward to new members who are willing to join us in an effort to create a better Glastonbury.

Message from our Chairs

As Democrats, we know the importance of fighting for our values and our community—even when the odds seem stacked against us. For years, our town's elected Democrats have worked with our colleagues across the aisle to invest in our students and education, preserve our parks and open spaces, protect our public health, and more. 

At a time of great division and mistrust in our country, we at the Glastonbury DTC strive for openness and transparency. We know democracy only works when it works for all of us, which is why we welcome all to our monthly meetings—not just our members.

It's a privilege to work with our members and our community to elect leaders who share our values and stand up for our principles. We have won historic victories in recent years, and our lawmakers and town officials are working hard to turn those successes into responsible policies for our town. From investments in education to protecting our public health with initiatives like Tobacco 21, Glastonbury is a model for towns across Connecticut.

As we head into another election season, I want to welcome everyone who is interested in preserving our democratic values and building a better Glastonbury. Together, I know we can protect our principles and preserve our community for generations to come!

Matt Saunig & Amanda Schoen