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Our Platform

​​    Proud of our Past, Focused on our Future

  • ​Glastonbury Democrats support a town where individuals, families and businesses feel welcome and can thrive.

  • We are grounded in our values of justice, integrity, freedom, and compassion.

  • Glastonbury Democrats are fully committed to responsible, thoughtful, and respectful governance of our town.

  • We will never lose sight of the fact that Glastonbury residents are our neighbors, our friends, and our families. 

  • We believe that honest, transparent government promotes a free, prosperous society.

We are proud of the many accomplishments that contribute to our strong, healthy, and resilient community.


Town Council:

  • Responsible management of your tax dollars

  • Promote the safety, health and well being of all residents

  • Preserve Glastonbury’s open space, wetlands, farms and honor our rich history

  • Strategic land acquisition and partnership to provide much-needed affordable housing

  • Continue to be a leader in energy efficiency and sustainability

  • Thoughtfully prohibited cannabis establishments in town

  • Initiated adoption of inclusionary zoning regulations

  • Hired a new Town Manager

  • Passed the Right to Farm ordinance 

  • Small business assistance

  • Promote responsible waste management

  • Committed to equitable solutions that will help curb the effects of climate change and promote sustainability and resilience

  • Managing Capital Improvement Projects budget with minimal increases while thoughtfully caring for our infrastructure needs

Board of Education:

  • Nationally recognized schools

  • Opened  STEAM lab at GHS and expanded STEAM and coding opportunities K-12

  • Provided support for emotional, social and physical well being of students and staff

  • Remain committed to an educational program in which all students have an equal opportunity for success, feel they belong , are valued and understood, are recognized for their unique strengths and challenges, and can see themselves reflected in our nation's history.

  • Infrastructure improvements including renovating the second floor at Naubuc school, opening the Field House at GHS and approving the weight and training facility to benefit all students

  • Expanded the LINKS program and the Early Learning Center at Eastbury 

  • Worked collaboratively to adopt responsible annual budgets and the Five Year Facilities Plan

  • Researched and added new class and educational opportunities at GHS to meet the workforce needs of our community and our state

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